College of Business, Accountancy, and Administration (CBAA)

College of Education, Arts, and Sciences (CEAS)

College of Health and Allied Sciences (CHAS)

Graduate Programs

Graduate Studies for Continuing Professional Education
  • Master of Education Major in Administration & Supervision
  • Master of Business Administration

Senior High School

  • Enhanced Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (eSTEM)
  • Accountancy, Business & Management (ABM)
  • Humanities & Social Sciences (HUMSS)
  • Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL)

School of Technical Vocational Education

  • Automotive Servicing, NC II
  • Bookkeeping, NC III
  • Caregiving, NC II
  • Cookery, NC II
  • Electronic Product Assembly Servicing, NC II
  • Driving, NC II
  • Housekeeping, NC II