Admission Policy


To provide a set of procedures and guidelines on the conduct of student admission for senior high school, college and master’s degree programs. This policy is an addition to the existing registration procedures on Chapter One of the Student Handbook.


This is applicable to all applicants of the Senior High School Admission Test (SAT), College Admission Test (CAT), and Master’s Admission Test (MAT).


Applicant – those who intend to take the admission test to enroll in PnC

Admission Test – a PnC-designed admission test for applicants of PnC

Responsibility and Authority

Admissions Office (AO) – receives, filters and initially accepts submitted application requirements of all potential applicants 

Dean’s Office – evaluates applicants on the basis of their credentials

Gather Necessary Documents

The Admissions Office shall be the first office to accept all inquiries regarding admissions, whether online or onsite. The university health protocols shall be followed by scheduled or walk-in applicants.