Students are expected to display proper conduct anywhere at all times, but most especially while they are inside the school premises.

The following are categorized as minor misconduct and shall be sanctioned with corresponding penalties:

  1. Light Offenses

  2. Violation of the Dress Code and not wearing or improper wearing of the school ID are considered light offense and will have the following sanctions:

    • 1st offense – Warning
    • 2nd offense – Community service of 8 hours
    • 3rd offense – Community service of 24 hours
    • 4th offense – Community service of 40 hours

  3. Minor Offenses

    1. Student Behavior – a student’s manner of conducting oneself within the university. Violations of these include but are not limited to:

      1. Littering and loitering in and around the school premises
      2. Entering places that are off-limits to students
      3. Disturbing classes with noise and other means of distractions
      4. Using cell phones, MP3s, and similar gadgets during class hours
      5. Obstructing and disrupting school activities
      6. Habitually disobeying classroom policies of course teachers
      7. Misbehaving during official school activities
      8. Obstruction or disruption of teaching or any other lawful function or mission of the university
      9. Being under the influence of alcohol while in school premises and in a university-sanctioned activity outside the campus
      10. Participation, direct or indirect, in gambling of any kind inside the school premises.
      11. Looking at another student’s test papers while taking the examination despite persistent reminder of the proctor
      12. Shouting of foul language addressed to fellow students

      • 1st offense - Community Service (20 hours)
      • 2nd offense - Light Suspension (1-2 days)
      • 3rd offense - Moderate Suspension (1 week)
      • 4th offense - Heavy Suspension (1 month)

  4. Minor Offenses

    1. Acting and gesturing towards the opposite sex, which tend to be offensive or scandalous
    2. Sexual harassment, related sexual offenses, and acts of immorality
    3. Intimidation or harassment of students, teachers, or employees
    4. Exhibiting overtly or otherwise any acts of lewdness.
    5. Distribution, sale, and possession of pornographic materials inside the school.
    6. Verbal, physical, or psychological abuse, including detention or threat of bodily harm to self or another person or persons in the school community.
    7. The verbal assault against teachers & school officials through electronic media, printed materials & or other means of information dissemination.
    8. Using another student’s ID, library card, registration form, permit slips, and other school documents for purposes of misrepresentation and false identification
    9. Violation of RA 9262 – (Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children) will be sanctioned separately and appropriately
    10. Using school facilities without permit from school authorities
    11. Theft of property or damage, other than accidental, to property of the college, members of the community, or campus visitors.
    12. Violation of rules relating to the use of campus buildings and other university facilities or services.
    13. Unauthorized tampering with any fire alarm or fire safety system.
    14. Vandalism in any part of the school premises
    15. Destruction, damage, unauthorized use of or misuse of school property.
    16. Smoking inside and within the school premises
    17. Possession, use, sale, or delivery of controlled substances or dangerous drugs or other narcotics or illicit drugs wherein the possession, use, or delivery thereof is a violation of city and state laws.
    18. Manufacturing, sale or delivery of alcoholic beverages inside college premises or violation of the university policy on “no alcohol in school.”
    19. Possession or use of firearms, illegal knife, dangerous weapons, explosives, and/or bringing out of dangerous chemicals outside of the science laboratories.
    20. Violation on RA 10591 (Law on Firearms) and RA 9165 (Dangerous Drugs Act) will be appropriately and separately sanctioned

    • 1st offense - Suspension
    • 2nd offense - Permanent Dismissal

  5. Academic Dishonesty

  6. Deliberate attempt to misrepresent, fabricate or otherwise tamper with data, information, records, or any other material that is relevant to the student's participation in any course, laboratory, or other academic exercise or function. These may include but may not be limited to:

    1. Falsification, forgery, alteration, unauthorized possession, or misuse of school official documents, records, or identification, or knowingly furnishing false information to the university or to a university official.
    2. Unauthorized accessing of electronic information of the university and securing, soliciting, and holding a copy of an examination or a portion thereof, that is yet to be administered
    3. Having somebody else take the quiz, test, or any other examination activity, in which case, both students will be held liable.
    4. Plagiarism or copyright infringement
    5. Copying or allowing another student to copy from one’s test paper, term paper, assignment, or other documents that are submitted for grading purposes
    6. Misrepresentation of the university to gain unlawful advantage, financial or otherwise.
    7. Hazing of any kind including acts directed against any student by another student, or by a group of students, if the intent is to or the effects of such acts would intimidate or subject the student to indignity or humiliation including any violation of the Anti-Hazing Law.
    8. Involvement in all manners and degrees in brawls, rumbles, riots, and other acts of campus violence.
    9. Participation, involvement, and/or membership to fraternities or sororities and/or founding the same unlawfully in the university
    10. Violation on RA 8049 (Anti-Hazing Law) will be separately and appropriately sanctioned

      • 1st offense - Permanent Dismissal

    11. Unauthorized collection of money, bribery, and other coercive means of gaining financial advantages over other students
    12. Malversation of students’ funds and/or school funds
    13. Malfeasance or misuse of elective or appointed office in a student organization which is injurious to the organization, its members, or the welfare of the school community.
    14. Failure to answer an official summons or to comply with lawful directions of college officials acting in the performance of their duties.
    15. Violation on RA 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act) will be separately and appropriately sanctioned

      • 1st offense - Suspension
      • 2nd offense - Permanent Dismissal