Bayanihan - Alive in PnC

By : Prof. Lynn Borito   November 22, 2020

Bayanihan [n, Tagalog] the tradition of cooperation and civic unity among Filipinos

Despite and because of the pandemic and its aftereffects still felt in the country, Pamantasan ng Cabuyao had lined up a series of Bayanihan Projects prior to its school opening in September to address the university’s challenges, changes and choices.

Bayanihan Load for Teachers is a term given for the voluntary act of teachers taking on additional teaching loads without remuneration on top of their regular load. Most of the faculty members took the challenge and are teaching more than the regular loads.

Load to Success is a fund-raising project for students who are financially challenged to purchase load for their online classes. Students who qualify for this project will be given a weekly load. Funds donated by Cabuyao philanthropists and altruists have reached more than Php60K (

Back to School, Bike to School is yet another project for students that started off with seven (7) bikes from Dr. Madrigal himself. He was able to encourage Cong. Ruth Hernandez who donated seven (7) bikes; Dr. Gie Camarinta, Mr. Dennis Lazaro and Mr. Mike Aranzanso who donated five (5) bikes each. These bicycles will be given to qualified PnC and CItech students (

PC Loan Project was launched to assist faculty members in their online classes as they meet their students synchronously from their work-from-home setup. The pc’s will be loaned for a limited time to selected PnC faculty members, giving priority to those with Bayanihan Load.

Bayanihang Dangal ng Bayan Donation Drive was launched after the onslaught of typhoons Quinta, Rolly and Ulysses in Luzon and the Bicol Region. Fronted by the NSTP with Engr. Pong Andaya, several student organizations and PnC Herald joined in raising funds to reach out to our kababayans who had suffered much from these calamities. Ongoing non-cash and cash donations which reached Php11K in just a few days poured in which proves that Bayanihan is very much alive in Pamantasan ng Cabuyao (