PnC C.A.R.E.S.

By : Prof. Lynn Borito   November 24, 2020

A Special Presidential Advisory Council was created by Dr. Albert Madrigal during a meeting on November 19. The council was formed for the sole purpose of expediting solutions to academic and non-academic concerns of PnC and CITech students, even extending to other offices of the university.

While these forwarded concerns usually pass through protocols, the council, aptly dubbed as PnC CARES – Council for Assisting Resilience and Enrichment of Students – shall precede bureaucratic practices and will directly report to the university president, thru the university secretary, thereby exercising immediacy in responding to the urgency of the concern, academic or otherwise. In its simplest set up, the council shall gather, hear and discuss any concern forwarded by a student and shall submit recommendations, guidelines or policies to the Management Committee (ManCom) for approval and implementation.

Prof. Christian Oñate chairs the council with Prof. Lynn Borito, Engr. Pong Andaya, Prof. Uzziel de Loyola, Prof. Ronnel Cuerdo, Mr. Jayrick Escobar and Ms. Charlotte Espiridion as members.

On November 24 the council convened and has already formed recommendations in response to the clamor of college and SHS students regarding academic concerns. These recommendations have been forwarded to the ManCom and a decision is expected within the week.