Budget Planning proceeds in the time of Covid

By : Prof. Lynn Borito   November 17, 2020

“What we’re seeing today are the dreams of yesterday; what we’ll be seeing tomorrow are the dreams of today”. This was the highlight from the message of University President, Dr. Albert Madrigal, during his direction setting of the Budget Planning deliberations conducted at the Conference Room of the PnC Café.

Day 1 - October 5, covered departmental budget presentations from the admin and acad departments and Day 2 - October 6, covered budget deliberations with the Management Committee (ManCom).

To some, the Budget Planning may have been a far cry from the new normal that almost all academic institutions are financially experiencing, but Dr. Madrigal was able to set the mood of positivity by emphasizing that, despite a few university leaders losing their vision for their institutions, PnC, with its able-bodied leaders and university officials, should still go on to dream, plan and never lose vision for the university as he cited the PnC Café, CABS and CITech that were once just dreams of our beloved Mayor Mel for the PnC Community but are now realities.