Section A - Rules and Requirements on Student Organization

Students at the university shall have the right to form an organization. This organization shall embody their ideals, visions, inclinations, and perspectives which are in consonance with the existing rules and regulations of the university. The kinds of organization that will be considered for recognition includes academic groups/ clubs, hobby clubs, socio-civic groups, religious groups, and student publications.

  1. Requirements in Forming Student Organizations
  2. The following steps shall be needed in order for an organization to be recognized:

    1. The organization shall consist of members not less than 20 who are students officially registered at PnC during the semester.
    2. The organization shall have a constitution which is in accordance with the existing rules and regulations of the university.
    3. The organization shall have an organizational structure representing the sets of officers with the defined functions of each office.
    4. The organization shall write a letter addressed to the Dean of Student Affairs indicating their intention to be recognized.
    5. The organization must have an adviser. This adviser must be a regular full-time faculty member of PnC.
    6. All organization officers must be in good academic standing, i.e., have no failing grades in the last two (2) semesters.
    7. Recognition of an organization is renewable every year upon submission of important requirements

  3. Rules and Regulations on Student Organization
  4. Once recognition is granted, the student organization agrees:

    1. To seek the general welfare of its members
    2. To provide equal opportunity and participation to all members
    3. To prohibit the practice of discrimination against all potential members because of race, religion, sex, color, age, nationality, or disability
    4. To exercise reasonable means of recruitment process without harm to the mental, emotional, and physical being of the potential member
    5. To constantly seek the guidance of the organization adviser
    6. To abide by the Rules and Regulations of the university pertaining to the students
Section B - Privileges of Recognized Student Organizations

Once recognized, these student organizations shall enjoy a number of privileges such as:

  1. Use of university facilities, equipment, and services, following the provisions on the use of such
  2. Use of the university’s name in publicity, promotional materials, and press releases. However, the use of PnC’s name for off-campus fundraising activities should have prior approval of the OSAA Dean and the University President.
  3. Participation in university-wide activities and if necessary, city-wide activities or LGU-sponsored ventures.
  4. Participation in the institutional Leadership Training Seminar (LTS)
  5. Inclusion of the organization’s name in various publications of PnC
  6. Inclusion in the annual search for Outstanding Student Organization (OSO) Award and the Outstanding Student Leader (OSL) Award
  7. Representation of the university in various contests and competitions sponsored by outside organizations
  8. Participation and representation in various public fora and discussions sponsored by the university in relation to decision-making and policy- making arrangements of the administration
Section C - Membership
  1. All officially registered students can join any recognized organizations in the university, except those under disciplinary, probationary status or with failing grades in previous semester.
  2. Members of the University Student Government may also join in any recognized organizations in PnC.
  3. Students are prohibited from joining more than two (2) organizations at any given semester. This is to make sure that students will fulfil their primary task in college, which is to study and pass all the academic courses they are registered in.
  4. Students are prohibited from joining organizations not recognized by the university.
Section D - Maintaining or Withdrawal of Recognition Status

Recognition is renewable every year. Officers of the organization have to go through the process of renewing the recognition two weeks after the start of the school year. The Student Organization and Activities Unit Coordinator will evaluate the performance of the organization and recommend for its recognition renewal to the OSAA Dean once it is found to be worthy of renewal.

Requirements for renewal of recognition:

  1. Financial statements of cash receipt and disbursements duly signed by the officers and the organization adviser
  2. Accomplishment report, highlighting therein the major activities of the organization (photos need to be attached)
  3. Other documents are may be required by the OSAA Dean
Section E - Role of Adviser

Every student organization is required to have an adviser. The adviser must be an employee of the university.

The following are the responsibilities of the adviser:

  1. To make sure that the goals and objectives, projects and activities as well as the operation and direction of the organization are congruent to the vision/mission of the college and are within the bounds of the college policies and guidelines
  2. To provide guidance and monitoring to the organization in view of allowing the students to develop their leadership potentials and organizational skills
  3. To attend executive committee meetings of the organization and its major activities most especially those held outside the campus
Section F - Activities

Student organizations abide with policies stated in Chapter 14 Section F - Activity, Facilities and Equipment Approval pertaining any activities of the organization.