Office of Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA)

Section A - Guidance and Counselling Office

The GCO provides a set of services using an integrated approach to the development of well-functioning individuals primarily by helping them to utilize their potentials to the fullest. Counselling pertains to individual and/or group intervention designed to facilitate positive change in student behavior, feelings and attitudes. Gender sensitive individual and group counselling shall be provided by a licensed counsellor. A counselling room shall be provided to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of counselling sessions and where records and/or counselling notes are maintained and kept confidential. PnC will have appropriate and pro-active intervention programs and strategies to ensure that every student's need for guidance and counselling and psycho-social services are provided in a timely manner.

  1. Admission Service – helps the university in admitting the right applicant to various programs
  2. Orientation Service – provides the incoming students with every type of information about college routine, school policies, services, and facilities; also helps the students to become established in their environment so that they may carry on as smoothly
  3. Student Information Service – assists the students to obtain realistic picture of their abilities, interests, personal characteristics, among others by:
  4. Testing Service – administers different types of psychological tests to help students achieve maximum development of their potentials
  5. Placement Service – assists students on future career decisions by guiding them on scholastic activities to undertake in college, choice of extra-curricular activities that will have bearings on their profession in the future, and for seeking part-time jobs that have relation to their discipline; also for the graduating students, the following services are offered by the university:
  6. Follow-up Service – helps to review educational programs and services of the university through systematic evaluation. This is carried out periodically in order to assist the university to be more responsive to the needs of the students.
  7. Referral Service – refers students and/or their families receive assistance from other programs and services in the school system and from agencies outside the university
  8. Research Service – provides better understanding of students and the university in general; research generally covers special needs of students that will ensure their full growth and holistic development
  9. Counselling Programs and Services - provides counselling services in two modes:
    1. Professional Counselling Service – the university employs a professional licensed guidance counsellor to provide professional counselling to students facing varied problems and concerns
    2. Peer Counselling – Various peer counselling groups are organized to help facilitate counselling to students. These peer counsellors undergo rigid training and workshops on peer counselling before they are given the task to lead peer counselling groups
Section B - University Health Service (University Clinic)

The university is committed to promote the health of PnC students by providing effective and efficient delivery of quality health care services to the students through the University Clinic:

  1. 1.1. Medical Check-up
  2. 1.2. Dental Check-up
  3. 1.3. First Aid Treatments
  4. 1.4. Minor Surgery
  5. 1.5. Medicines for Common Ailments
  6. 1.6. Medical Referrals (for complicated health problems)

Clinic hours:

  1. Monday to Friday - 8 AM – 6 PM
  2. Saturdays - 8 AM – 3 PM

Medical Certificates and Excuse Slip

Students who absent themselves from class for health reasons are required to submit to the clinic a medical certificate, which will be validated by the University Physician. Medical certificates with a letterhead bearing the physician’s name and license number are preferred. In any case, the medical certificate should clearly indicate the diagnosis and dates of needed absence. Once the university physician finds the documents valid, he signs the excuse slip. The student then is entitled to be given make-up activities, depending on the preferences of the course teachers concerned.

Health Education Program

Various seminars and information drives are carried out by the University Clinic in order to promote sanitation, health, and wellness among the students. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities.

Section C - Student Discipline Office

The Student Discipline Office (SDO) is an office concerned with the judicious implementation of institutional rules and regulations governing student behavior and conduct. Pamantasan ng Cabuyao shall have gender and disability sensitive rules and regulations formulated in consultation with students and faculty and published in a student manual that is accessible and disseminated to students including students with disabilities, faculty and concurred in by parents. The Dean of Students shall decide on the composition of a Student Disciplinary Board to be in charge of student misconduct.

Section D - Student Organization and Activity Office

This office shall provide recognition/accreditation, supervision and monitoring of student groups including the evaluation of their activities. PnC shall have a system of accreditation, re-accreditation, monitoring and evaluation using participatory institutional procedures and processes in recognition of basic rights to organize. PnC shall provide accredited student organizations adequate office space and other institutional support.

Section E - Sports Development Office

This office promotes programs designed for physical fitness and wellness of students. A regular conduct of sports programs supporting school athletes and the whole studentry shall be in place. This office shall be in charge of all university activities pertaining to the very nature of athletics and physical fitness.

Section F - Alumni and Linkages Office

This office provides assistance for vocational and occupational fitness and employment. PnC shall institute valid appraisal data of students for career and job placement. They shall have continuous follow-up and monitoring of student placement conducted on regular basis as it maintains active networking with school, community, alumni, and other relevant agencies for career and job placement of students. The ALO will provide informative materials in accessible formats on career and job opportunities and skills development programs shall be made available. Regular career seminars and job placement services available for the students, as well as, mechanisms to institutionalize the link with industries.

Section G - Student Publication Office

This office is in charge of the official publication/organ/journal/yearbook and such other student oriented print and non-print media of the university and/or college. PnC shall support the establishment and implementation of student publication as provided for in R.A. 7079, otherwise known as "Campus Journalism Act of 1991" and other media forms preferably within the framework of self-management. Pursuant to the Campus Journalism Act of 1991, the university shall support the organization and operation of the Student Publication, which is officially named PnC Herald, to promote the development and growth of campus journalism as its goal.

The following are its objectives:

  1. serve as a tool of communication between school and the student where school policies and promulgations may be published as well as student views and opinions on the same may be made known
  2. provide education and trainings to improve journalistic skills of the students and to promote responsible and free journalism
  3. encourage students to be creative and critical in their thinking, objective and precise in their writings, as well as truthful and responsible in their expressions

Responsible campus journalism is thus defined as “writing within the context and with full ethical consideration of the total effect and impact of any text and visuals published in the school paper, to the school and its constituents.”

Membership to PnC Herald is open for all. A screening procedure shall be conducted every first semester of each school year. PnC Herald issues come out once every semester with special issue that is released during graduation in April.

Section H - Student Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office

The Student Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office (SSFAO) is an office that caters to the management, generation and/or allocation of funds for scholarship and financial aid to deserving students. Student scholarships and financial assistance in various forms and accessible modalities are available to students with appropriate screening and monitoring procedures, and guidelines understood by applicants and recipients. PnC will provide access to scholarships and financial assistance instituted. Availability, qualification requirements, and procedures for availment of scholarships and financial aid should be widely and promptly disseminated in various media.

Section I - Arts and Culture Office

This office is in charge of the activities designed to provide opportunities to develop and enhance talents, abilities and values for appreciation, promotion and conservation of national culture and multi-cultural heritage. PnC shall provide opportunities for appreciation of culture and the arts. Mechanisms are in place to promote Philippine Culture and the Arts in coordination with the city government. Particularly, it aims to:

  1. promote arts appreciation and cultural awareness among students, teachers, and staff of the university using all available means of creative expressions
  2. provide venues for the students to develop, use, and showcase their talents in the various forms of arts – performing arts, visual arts, and literary arts
  3. enhance the cultural and artistic perspectives of the PnC community through cross-cultural presentations and exchange programs – regional, national, and international
ACO Organizations
  1. PnC Chorale – this is the official chorale of the university, composed of singers coming from various college units of the university
  2. PnC PEPs – this is the official modern dance troupe of the university
  3. Tabuko Dance Troupe – this is the official cultural dance troupe, with special emphasis on Filipino cultural dances
  4. Dulaang Batingaw (DUNGAW) – this is the official theatre group of the university

ACO can create new organizations catering to other arts interests such as painting, photography, film, video, costume and production design, and poetry and literature.


Membership to ACO organizations shall be through rigid auditions, screening procedures, and interviews. Since membership may merit certain scholarship from the university, ACO is tasked to maintain a high level of commitment, artistry, and academic qualifications of its members.

Specifically, membership shall be covered by the following general regulations:

  1. Members should be currently registered during the semester of involvement
  2. Students must carry a regular academic load every semester
  3. Members must have no failing grades in previous semesters, not under any disciplinary and probationary status

Programs and Services

Other than the organizations being managed by ACO, the following are its general services to the PnC community:

  1. Arts Festival – this is held during the month of February in celebration of the National Arts Month; various performances and exhibits are featured during this festival to celebrate arts and promote cultural awareness
  2. Performance Request – performances of the arts organizations under ACO may be requested by the university to grace various occasions; requesting parties must fill-out a PERFORMANCE REQUEST FORM to be approved by the ACO Director.
  3. Season Performances – outside the Arts Festival, various organizations of ACO may stage performances seasonally; these performances shall be covered in the cultural calendar that ACO will prepare every start of the school year
  4. Cross-Cultural Programs – ACO shall sponsor cultural trips or art appreciation tours involving students, teachers, and the non-teaching personnel of the university
  5. Exchange Programs – ACO, in cooperation with other cultural offices, shall venture into exchange programs (training or performance) both locally and internationally