Planning, Research, and Extension

Research and Development

Elevate your research potential and foster a culture of innovation at the Pamantasan ng Cabuyao (PNC) with our dynamic Research and Development Department (RDD). From supervising and organizing institutional and student research projects to providing valuable resources and ethical guidance, RDD empowers personnel and students to drive groundbreaking discoveries, enhance academic programs, and prepare for impactful careers in research and related fields, ensuring the highest standards of integrity and participant welfare.

Community Extension and Services

Embrace a meaningful and transformative partnership with University of Cabuyao’s Community Extension and Services Department (CESD), as we prioritize social responsibility and community engagement. Through innovative programs, community-based research, advocacy, and development initiatives, CESD actively contributes to the welfare and sustainable growth of the areas where our university operates, inspiring our students, personnel, and alumni to make a positive impact and create thriving communities for all.

Knowledge Management and Innovation

Unlock the full potential of knowledge and innovation with the dynamic and forward-thinking Knowledge Management and Innovation Department (KMID) at our University, as it strategically manages, shares, and harnesses information and creativity to drive organizational performance, foster an innovative culture, and secure a competitive edge in today’s ever-evolving educational landscape.

Quality Management and Planning

Experience excellence and continuous improvement at University of Cabuyao with our dedicated Quality Management and Planning Department (QMPD), overseeing establishing, implementing, and monitoring robust quality systems and processes. By ensuring our operations and services align with our philosophy and surpass stakeholders’ expectations, QMPD drives efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability, while fostering a culture of excellence through strategic coordination and comprehensive accreditation and certification programs.