Arts and Culture

It is in charge of activities designed to provide opportunities to develop and enhance talents, abilities and values for appreciation, promotion and conservation of national culture and multi-cultural heritage. PnC shall provide opportunities for appreciation of culture and the arts. Mechanisms are in place to promote Philippine Culture and the Arts in coordination with the city government. Particularly, it aims to:

1. Promote arts appreciation and cultural awareness among students, teachers, and staff of the university using all available means of creative expressions.
2. Provide venues for the students to develop, use, and showcase their talents in the various forms of arts – performing arts, visual arts, and literary arts.
3. Enhance the cultural and artistic perspectives of the PnC community through cross-cultural presentations and exchange programs – regional, national, and international.


ACO Organizations
1. PnC Chorale – The official chorale of the university, composed of singers coming from various college units of the university.
2. PnC PEPs – The official modern dance troupe of the university.
3. Tabuko Dance Troupe – The official cultural dance troupe, with special emphasis on Filipino cultural dances.
4. Dulaang Batingaw(DUNGAW) – The official theatre group of the university.