The PNC-UC Master of Business Administration Program aims to create managers for the twenty-first century who are civic-minded and highly skilled. It’s a professional management curriculum that gives working professionals the know-how and abilities they need to be successful in general management roles across a variety of functional business sectors.

I. Program Educational Objectives
Three to five years after graduation, the Master in Business Administration alumni shall:

a. be employed as supervisors or managers in the field of business administration;
b. possess globally competitive skills;
c. demonstrate personal dignity and integrity; and
d. engage in community development or nation-building.

II. Student Outcomes
a. Demonstrate advanced important business and management concepts, principles, methodologies, tools, and strategies in the performance of their management profession in a business organization or enterprise

b. Develop analytical and critical thinking skills for data-driven decision making through self-directed research and scholarly studies

c. Recognize the need for, and be prepared to engage in, highly independent, leading individual or multidisciplinary team projects, as well as maintain continuous learning in the context of broader business management changes

d. Apply extensive knowledge of the theoretical foundations and quantitative tools of each of the business and management functional areas to a variety of business case issues in varied work settings.