Philosophy and Objectives

A premier institution of higher learning in Region IV, developing globally-competitive and value-laden professionals and leaders instrumental to community development and nation-building
As an institution of higher learning, UC (PnC) is committed to equip individuals with knowledge, skills, and values that will enable them to achieve their professional goals & provide leadership and service for national development.

Quality Policy

University of Cabuyao (Pamantasan ng Cabuyao) commits itself to producing quality graduates by adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements, promoting high levels of customer engagement, and maintaining an effective quality management system through periodic review and communication of quality objectives for continuous improvement of quality services in instruction, research, and extension.

Quality Objectives

1. To promote analytical thinking among the faculty and students for continuing intellectual growth and advancement of learning and research
2. To develop the youth to become responsible leaders, as well as productive and actively involve citizens of the local and global community with good values and excellent character
3. To preserve, enrich, and transmit the historical, cultural heritage, and desirable Filipino values and character
4. To nurture an integrated multi-disciplinary university that promotes excellence in instruction, research, and extension
5. To be the research and development arm of the local government unit
6. To strengthen industry-academe-LGU linkage in order to realize the vision and mission of the University

Core Values

As a God-fearing institution respecting multi-faith of people, PnC adheres to the following core values:

  • Personal Dignity
  • Nurturing Community
  • Commitment to Excellence

Graduate Attributes

Graduates of PnC (UC) are expected to possess the following attributes:

  • Professionally competent individual — Demonstrate the qualities required to carry out the tasks in the profession or occupation to the standards anticipated in independent employment or practice
  • Proficient communicator — Clearly express thoughts and ideas, listen effectively, use communication for a wide range of objectives and make use of a variety of media and technology
  • Analytical and problem solver — Show a systematic method to problem-solving by combining critical and creative thinking abilities
  • Lifelong learner — Engage in continual learning in one’s specialization
  • Team leader or player — Perform independently and cooperatively to accomplish worthwhile goals; agile and adaptive to help team or project produce the results that are needed; collaborate with others; and make valuable contributions to their outputs
  • Productive individual — Deliver the expected outcome of the assigned task as employee of an organization
  • Socially and ethically responsible citizen — Maintain stature and behavior that uphold the Professional Code of Ethics; apply ethical reasoning and decision-making process to address situations of ethical distress and moral dilemma
  • Technology-driven professional — Use appropriate technology to perform safe and efficient activities within the field of specialization
  • Value-laden individual — Convey positive Filipino values in one’s decisions and actions