Community Extension and Services

  • Pamantasan ng Cabuyao’s Community Extension and Services Department (CESD) is in charge of building and sustaining relationships and collaborations with the community in order to promote social responsibility and involvement. It develops programs and activities that benefit the community’s development and welfare, particularly in areas where the university operates.
  • Community outreach programs, community-based research, community organizing, advocacy, and community development are among the activities and projects undertaken by the CESD. These are in line with the University’s Extension Agenda. The department also encourages students and workers to participate in community-based events and to participate in social responsibility projects.
  • The CESD is crucial in promoting the university’s social responsibility and community participation. The CESD helps to establish healthy and sustainable communities and promotes the overall welfare of the community through engaging in community-based activities and encouraging personnel, students, and alumni in social responsibility projects.

Community Extension and Services Agenda

Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology

Activities aimed at developing and supporting industry, energy, and emerging technology-needs of the community

Gender and Well-being

Activities aimed at promoting and improving gender equality and holistic approaches to health and wellness

High Governance

Activities aimed at improving institutional management and service operations

Biodiversity and Environment Conservation

Activities aimed at promoting environmental awareness, preservation, and protection and mitigating environmental problems and hazards

Food Safety and Security

Activities aimed at improving the nutrition and food safety and security of the community

Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihood

Activities aimed at equipping the community on sustainable livelihood opportunities

Quality Education

Activities aimed at providing opportunities for equitable and free access to formal and non-formal education