Quality Management and Planning

  • Pamantasan ng Cabuyao’s (PNC) Quality Management and Planning Department (QMPD) is in charge of establishing, implementing, and monitoring quality management systems and processes. The department is responsible for ensuring that the university’s operations and services are consistent with its philosophy and aims, and that they meet or exceed stakeholders’ expectations.
  • The QMPD is involved in a variety of programs and projects to promote quality and continuous improvement in the operations and services of the institution. Developing and implementing quality management systems and processes, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of these systems and processes, conducting internal audits and assessments, and providing training and support to personnel on quality management principles and practices are some of the key activities.
  • The QMPD ensures that the university runs efficiently, effectively, and sustainably. The department contributes to the university’s competitiveness and responsiveness to changing stakeholder needs and expectations by promoting quality management principles and practices and coordinating strategic initiatives and projects.