Research Colloquium is an academic meeting, which serves as a means of sharing the result of research studies to the academic community. It aims to provide a proper forum for the dissemination of research findings/outputs to the rest of the academic community.

Research Capability Building Activities refer to research-related trainings, workshops, and seminars organized by RDC. Research Journal Publications refers to an avenue for PNC teaching and non-teaching personnel to share research outcomes to the general public through publications.

Research Utilization/Implementation/Adoption refers to the actual usage of the recommendations of the research report, institutionally-funded, prototype, or software within and outside of the University.

Institutional Research Incentives refer to monetary incentive awarded by the RDC to PNC personnel who have completed a research requirement and complied with RDC requirements.

Intellectual Property Rights refers to the copyright and related rights, trademarks and service marks, geographic indications, patents, patentable inventions, utility models, industrial designs, computer software, lay-out designs, protection of undisclosed information, and technical know-how.

Student Research Program refers to the process in facilitating completion of research paper required for each degree program.